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Android App Development

What is Android App Development
Android App Development is a process through which new apps are developed for Android OS. Java Programming Language is used to develop these apps. Basically, Android apps are designed with a combination of different components. Applications, Libraries, Linux Kernel are the three components of Android platform.

Applications- The inbuilt applications of Android are camera, gallery, phone, browser, and music.

Libraries- In Android Libraries, there are basic functions like graphic rendering and data storage.

Linux Kernel- Linux Kernel in Android helps in an easy communication of the apps with the phone hardware.
Insight of training
In the training process, knowing the technical skill is an additional advantage. For the development part, a developer can use Genymotion emulator and can test on the platform of a real device. A developer with expertise in the above-mentioned tool will always excel as a skilled developer in Android app development.
The candidate will be trained on Java and will gain the clear idea on Java concepts like control structure, lists, variables, and loops. For back-end development, Java is the best programming language and app developers should know the overall of Java for the better result.
A developer should also focus on SQL because it helps in organizing the database within the apps of Android. SQL helps in language queries and even helps to retrieve information from a database.

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