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Joomla training Course in Pondicherry | Bangalore

  • Learn Joomla from 8+ years Experience Trainer
  • Make a responsive website with Joomla
  • Customize website with Joomla
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Develop a Professional Website with Joomla


Course description

In the last few decades, the web revolution has been taking over every aspect of our life. From ordering groceries to everyday banking to getting our daily news – there is hardly anything which is untouched by the latest web technologies.

In this day and age – every business large or small needs to have a web presence and tell the world about themselves. Even individuals want to express themselves by using an online medium like blogs or personal websites. 
Ability to build and run these sites has become an essential skill. Of course, we can hire a designer and web developer and pay them top dollar to build our site? Even if can afford them – what happens if we need to make inevitable changes to it or refresh the look? Does this necessarily need to become a lifelong expense?
NO! modern content management systems make it very easy for anyone with little to no knowledge about technology to build, run and maintain a very attractive and functional website. One such CMS is Joomla – it is open source and completely free. And what is more – it is very mature and widely used to build thousands of web properties on the internet.

What Will I Learn?

  • Simplify the process of building a website
  • Understand basic terms and definitions in Joomla
  • Familiarization with Joomla environment both front-end and back-end
  • Learn certain features and configure core settings of Joomla
  • Imrove performance and take security precautions of a Joomla based website
  • Bring your own App Idea to Life
  • The know-how of building your own website with Joomla

Curriculum For This Course

Welcome and introduction

  1. Introduction
  2. About the instructor
  3. About the learner

Joomla - Installation

Joomla - Front-end and Back-end areas

Joomla - Configuration

Joomla - Article Management

Joomla - User Management

  1. App Number 27 – Master using Polymorphism in Java
  2. App Number 28 – Abstract Classes in Java
  3. App Number 29 – Part 4 – Interfaces in Java

Joomla - Menu Management

  1. App Number 30 – Part4 – Moving from one view to another View
  2. App Number 31 – Android Life Cycle
  3. App Number 32 – Part1 – User Interface Components
  4. App Number 33 – Part2 – Build a Simple ListView App in Android
  5. App Number 34 – Part1 – Build a Customized ListView in Android
  6. App Number 35 – Part4 – Create an Expandable ListView in Android
  7. App Number 36 – Part1 – Master using GridView in Android
  8. App 37 Preparation
  9. App Number 37 – Part1 – Master using Gallery and ScrollView in Android
  10. App Number 39 – Part5 – Master using ViewFlipper and ViewAnimator in Android
  11. App Number 40 – Part1 – Master using TextSwitcher in Android
  12. App Number 40 – Part5 – Master using TextSwitcher in Android
  13. App Number 41 – Part1 – Master using Checkbox, RadioButton, RatingBar, Seekbar
  14. App Number 43 – Part3 – Access SDCard and Use Permission

Joomla - Templates

Create Complex Android Apps - Production Ready Apps!

  1. App 73 – Popup Window in Android
  2. App 74 – Spinner in Android – Design the User Interface and Create the Model
  3. App 75 – Part 1 – Constraints in Android
  4. Taxi App! – App 76 – Master Location and GPS Services in Android
  5. App 77 – Colorful Image App!
  6. App 78 – SQLite Mastery – Martial Arts Club App!
  7. App 79 – Master Maps and Speech Recognition in Android!
  8. App 80 Preparation – Downloading an Image from Firebase
  9. App 80 Preparation – Firebase Authorization

Joomla - Extensions

Magento Developer
Magento Developer


  • No Programming Experience is Required
  • No Programming Knowledge Required
  • A Windows PC, Mac or Linux Computer

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