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IOT Training In Pondicherry| Bangalore

  • Practical Knowledge Training with Project
  • Lab Facility & Well Equipped Class Rooms
  • Every student will be working on Project
  • Special Focus for Practical Classes
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Course description

The focus in this course it to enable and equip the audience to immediately start building IOT products. We touch all the necessary software, hardware, platform, protocols, everything in between to the point it is required. Additional study material is provided for a deep dive.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to Independently Design, Code and Build IOT products.
  • Learn to code using Arduino IDE from basics
  • Learn how to connect to cloud IOT Platforms, Persist Data, Program Triggers and more
  • Learn PCB designing using Fritzing
  • Learn about Manufacturing, Marketing, Certification, Angels, VC and more.
  • Guaranteed learning in every minute!
  • Learn to work with Micro controllers (Arduino Uno, Nano, NodeMCU), Sensors , Relays, Displays, Keypads, work with main (220/110) and more
  • Learn how to use Ethernet and Wifi shields
  • Build 3 IOT products in the course
  • Learn Designing, Casing, Soldering and more
  • Professionally authored, edited, carefully planned and sequenced small lectures most of them under 7 min many under 5 min.

Curriculum For This Course

IOT - Internet of Things

List of all the components required

IOT - 101

How to use a Multi Meter
How to read a resistor

Working with Electronics (Boards, Sensors, Shields) and Soldering

Working with Software: Arduino IDE

Working with Cloud DB, Platforms, Services and more

WIFI/Ethernet + Cloud DB +Mobile Apps = Exciting!

Product 1 - Smart lights and devices -- Home Automation

Product 2 - Motion detector with email notification - Building Safety

Product 3 - Panic Alarm for the Elderly - - Healthcare Industry



  • It will help if you have some background in electronics and know basic coding principles

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