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Microsoft Azure Training in Pondicherry | Bangalore

  • Learn Microsoft Azure from 8+ years Experience Trainer
  • Make a website with Microsoft Azure
  • Know how to design solutions for the Microsoft Azure platform
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Learn about the key building blocks of the Microsoft Azure cloud


Course description

Learn the basics about Microsoft Azure services such as Web Applications, App Services, Cloud Services, Virtual Machines and Databases using the classic and new Azure Portals.

Migrate your web apps, services, virtual machines and databases to Azure and the cloud! This increases availability, scalability and can even be cheaper than your current solution!

We at SoftwareLogic Innovation Hub offerMicrosoft Azure classes. As one of the leading Microsoft Azure training institute in pondicherry we will introduce you to a wide range of skills and expertise required to develop Microsoft Azure apps.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand what cloud computing is
  • Create, scale and add content to web applications hosted on Microsoft Azure.
  • Create, publish and scale cloud services.
  • Attach disks to and scale Virtual Machines.
  • Learn to use Azure's management tools from Visual Studio, Windows PowerShell and cross-platform Command-Line Interface.
  • Add content to web apps from Visual Studio, through FTP and Dropbox.

Curriculum For This Course

Azure App Services

  1. Intro to Azure App Service
  2. Azure App Service Plan
  3. Creating an App Service Plan
  4. Creating a Web App Service
  5. Scaling the Web App
  6. Manually Scaling an App Service Plan
  7. Scaling an App Service Plan by CPU usage

Cloud services

  1. Creating a Cloud Service
  2. Publishing a Cloud Service
  3. Scaling your Cloud Service
  4. Monitoring the Cloud Service

Virtual Machines

  1. Creating a VM
  2. Connecting to the VM with a remote desktop
  3. Adding Virtual Hard Drives to the VM
  4. Managing and scaling the VM
  5. Capturing an Image from the VM


  1. Azure SQL Database
  2. Create Azure SQL Database
  3. Connecting to the Azure SQL Database from SQL Server Management Studio
  4. Business continuity: Copying, exporting and importing the Database

Management Tools

  1. Managing Azure Services from Visual Studio
  2. Managing Azure Services from Power Shell
  3. Managing Azure Services from Cross-Platform Command Line Interface


  • You need to have a basic understanding of web apps or web pages.
  • Basic understanding of Virtual Machines
  • Basic understanding of databases
  • A Windows PC, Mac or Linux Computer

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