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Selenium Training in Pondicherry

  • Practical Knowledge Training with Project
  • Lab Facility & Well Equipped Class Rooms
  • Every student will be working on Project
  • Special Focus for Practical Classes
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Selenium course description

We all have felt the need to test whether our applications are performing well across different web browsers, but the sheer tedium involved in learning test scripting languages might have stopped us from doing so. What if Selenium gave us the power to control web browsers and use them to automate web application testing? As an open source test automation toolset, Selenium makes it easier for testers to evaluate web applications without putting in any extra time and effort.

Mastering Selenium Testing Tools is all about demystifying the Selenium toolset for testing websites. Testing professionals rely on a variety of test automation tools to test web applications effectively. But these tools often fail to test applications when frequent changes and enhancements are made to the code.

A viewer with a reasonable knowledge and understanding of the core elements of Selenium will learn to verify web applications, control browsers with code, and scale up the testing environment by distributing the execution of web applications on different browsers running on different operating systems.

What Will I Learn in Selenium training

  • Record and replay a test scenario using the Selenium IDE
  • Locate elements using name, id, xPath, CSS, and even by className
  • Master cross-browser testing to verify the running of web applications using different browsers
  • Express, validate, and verify the expected behavior using an executable specification
  • Script tests using WebDriver and Java for the seamless use of a programming language to test web applications
  • Separate page navigation and testing to create a maintainable test setup using the Page Object pattern
  • Understand test failure and debugging for executions in an unattended build system
  • Use continuous integration environment to successfully test web applications

Curriculum for Selenium training

Setting Up the Work Environment

  1. The Course Overview
  2. Selenium Tools Suite
  3. Preparing Your Environment
  4. Inspecting the Web Elements

Selenium IDE

  1. A Quick Introduction to Selenium IDE
  2. Putting the Selenium IDE to Use
  3. Getting to Know the Selenium IDE Better

Selenium WebDriver

  1. Introducing WebDriver
  2. Implementing Our First Example
  3. WebDriver Capabilities
  4. The WebDriver API
  5. Locators
  6. WebElement
  7. page Objects
  8. Advanced WebDriver
  9. Build with a Build System

Behavior-driven Development

  1. Business Facing
  2. An Example – Infrastructure
  3. Actual Cucumber Implementation
  4. Maintainability and Organization of the Code

Selenium Server

  1. Introduction to the Selenium Server
  2. Running Tests on the Selenium Server Internally
  3. Running Tests on the Selenium Server Externally

A Complete Example

  1. Setting Up the Project
  2. Implementation of the Project
  3. Continuous Integration
  4. Implementing Tests for the Web Application

Implementing Tests for the Web Application

  1. Implementing Tests for the Web Application
  2. A Look Back


  • It assumes you have entry-level knowledge in Selenium and Java, to help you get to an advanced level.

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