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Bootstrap Essential Training in Pondicherry|Bangalore

  • Learn Bootstrap from 8+ years Experience Trainer
  • Make websites like facebook, flipkart etc.
  • Learn How to Create Responsive website
  • LAB Facility
  • Projects to Practice
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Web Development with BootStrap

Course description

This course will help you create a perfect bootstrap responsive landing page for your app, business, portfolio or blog. Having a little knowledge of HTML & CSS is ideal to get you started on the quicker route to Bootstrap, however it isn’t essential.

We start by understanding the basics of bootstrap, how it works and how it is implemented. We will cover the famous grid system and media queries to ensure your new page looks it’s best on all devices.

What Will I Learn?

  • Completely Understand What is Bootstrap and How to Work on Bootstrap
  • You'll be able to Create Profesional Websites using Bootstrap
  • You'll be able to Customize Bootstrap.

Curriculum For This Course

Bootstrap Tools and Elements - Part 1

  1. Course Benefits – Welcome To The Complete Bootstrap Masterclass!
  2. CDN for Bootstrap and jQuery
  3. Download and Install Bootstrap and jQuery
  4. Bootstrap Theory: Is Bootstrap For All Devices?
  5. How Bootstrap Works
  6. Bootstrap Container
  7. Bootstrap Grid System
  8. Text Styles
  9. More on Text Styles
  10. Bootstrap Tables

Bootstrap Tools and Elements - Part 2

  1. Bootstrap Images
  2. Bootstrap Buttons
  3. Bootstrap Button Group
  4. Bootstrap Drop Down Button
  5. Bootstrap Glyphicon
  6. Page-header and Jumbotron
  7. Bootstrap Wells
  8. Bootstrap Alerts
  9. Labels and Badges
  10. Panels
  11. Collapsibles
  12. Collapsible on Panels
  13. List-Group
  14. Collapsible List Group and Accordion
  15. Tabs
  16. Pills

PortFolio Project

  1. Creating Navigation and Home Area
  2. Creating My Work Area
  3. Creating About Area
  4. Creating Contact Area

Photo Gallery Project

  1. Creating Navbar
  2. Creating Carousel Slider
  3. Creating Thumbnails
  4. Creating Footer
  5. Creating Modal
  6. Using Lightbox plugin with bootstrap
  7. Adding Caption to the LightBox Elements

Blog Project

  1. Creating HTML Syntax
  2. Creating Navbar and Customizing Bootstrap
  3. Creating Header and Search Bar
  4. Creating Posts Area
  5. Creating Footer
  6. Creating Posts Page
  7. Creating About Page

Creating eCommerce Website

  1. Creating Syntax and Navbar
  2. Creating Carousel
  3. Adding Caption to Carousel
  4. Creating aside and Product Area
  5. Editing Aside Area with New Style
  6. Creating Product Page
  7. Creating Related Search Area
  8. Creating Modal for Form
  9. Creating Order Form


  • No Programming Experience is Required
  • No Programming Knowledge Required
  • Passion to Create Awesome Android Apps
  • A Windows PC, Mac or Linux Computer

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