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Reasons to choose Angular Js as your web development program

In this era of e-commerce, every organization is keen to make an impact online. This has created a huge demand for web developers like never before. According to a recent survey, there are more than 876 million websites in the world and the count is still increasing. There are many platforms available for web development in the market. The point is to choose the right amongst the available. AngularJS was born in 2009 and since its inception it is created some ripples in the market. AngularJS is an open source web application framework which revolves around HTML (Hyper Text Mark Up Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and JS (Java Script).

AngularJS is a solid JavaScript framework that was designed and developed by dedicated developers from Google to simplify front-end development.The resource comes with so many frameworks and plugins for designers as well as developers. It’s hard to imagine the development of a modern single page application without Angular.js. It helps developers to build most architecture and maintainable applications. Thus AngularJS is also termed as a next big thing for the web applications. So, let’s figure out why to choose AngularJS would be a right decision for your project.

First of all, what is Angular.js frontend framework?

It’s an open source framework (and not a library!) that allows to create hip and handy single page applications (SPAs). After its launch in 2009 Angular.js has quickly gained popularity and is not going to lose its ground. It is truly the most popular JavaScript framework — it has been holding first place on GitHub by forks and stars for a long time.

AngularJS is developed by Google

One of the best things about Angularjs is that it is developed by Google. There are some other JS frameworks that work fine, but those frameworks are built by hobbyists facilitated by the open source community where reliability becomes an issue. And Angular JS has been developed as well as maintained by Google experts. It gives AngularJS developers a great opportunity to learn from certified open source experts, and your issues will be resolved by professionals, community members etc.

11 Strong reasons to choose Angular JS for Web development Program :

Large community

Let’s start with people — Angular.js has a huge community (Google+, reddit). It includes both members of the core development team and those who just stopped by to make some fixes or suggest a few improvements for an open-source framework. Conferences devoted to Angular.js are held worldwide; it is discussed at hackathons and in various IT communities. There are many books and online resources on AngularJS for developers.

MVC Architecture

AngularJS uses MVC architecture for developing web application. For implementing MVC you just need to split your app and rest all is managed by AngularJS. MVC architecture stands for Model View Controller where in:

Model maintains the data
View is responsible for displaying of data
Controller acts as a bridge to establish connection between View and Model

Declarative code style

Declarative paradigm is used for creating patterns in Angular.js. It makes code more lightweight, as well as easier to read and support since instead of describing all the steps needed for achieve something, we describe only the necessary end result.

Two-way data binding

Angular.js uses two-way data binding: any changes in user interface immediately influence application objects and vice versa. When framework encounters browser events, module changes and user actions on the page, it outright updates the necessary patterns. At the same time there’s no need to store links to DOM elements and directly manipulate them. We simply describe the result with model state terms and don’t need to use low-level constructions.

Using directives

As its pattern language Angular.js uses HTML. It is expanded with directives(for example, ,
) that add into the code information about the necessary behavior. Directives make you focus on creating logics and thus allow you to work more productively. You can reuse them in order to improve code readability.

We can use directives as a HTML elements



Every object used in AngularJS are POJO (Plain Old JavaScript Object) which means you don’t need extra getter and setter functions. POJO provides you all the standard JavaScript functionalities for object manipulation. It facilitates you to remove and add properties from the objects and can loop over objects at will.

SPA-oriented features

Angular.js and SPAs simply belong together. For example, Angular.js provides forms validation capabilities. If a page uses forms, FormController writes down their states. Using this data we can change behavior of the HTML elements in UI, for example, hide button Clear form if it is empty). Angular.js has built-in validates for error handling, but you can create your own validates if you need them. It is possible to show error messages for the whole form or for separate fields.

Ease of Use

AngularJS with its rich feature set makes development easier by reducing the need to write code. It takes the burden off your head by implementing MVC architecture. For implementing data models you don’t need to write getters and setters. Also, directives are not the part of app code so they can be managed by other team working parallel. All these things minimizes the need of writing the code.

Ready-made solutions

What’s important, there’re various solutions for Angular.js that solve a variety of tasks with ready-made modules. Since AngularJS doesn’t require you to follow strict project structure, you can create applications with a pretty varied structure. It is also possible to use AngularJS for creating so called hybrid applications.

Testing simplicity

Parts of the application are placed inside Angular.js modules that are easy to manipulate. Module separation allows you to load only necessary services and effectively perform automatic testing. Also, if you follow “one file — one module” principle, there’s no need to remember module loading order.

Client Side Solution

AngularJS functions on client side and is compatible with both desktop and mobile browser. AngularJS can be used for any project as there are no backend modifications required. Therefore, it can be used safely for developing the front end of any application.

Summing up

AngularJS is a great choice if you look for JavaScript framework that allows advanced web application development. It’s especially good for building single page applications that became quite popular in recent years as it improves a web user experience by simplifying navigation and presenting all the information in a fresh easy-to-digest way. Since AngularJS was designed and developed by a talented developer’s team from Google, it has got a solid foundation and is well-maintained. Interested or excited to choose AngularJS as your next web development program, Contact Softwarelogic Innovation to develop your technical skills and advanced your career.

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